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Diamond Knowledge
A diamonds color is at its best by not showing any color at all. 
Diamonds are mined in a range of color, white to faint yellow or brown, to the very rare fancies such as 
pink, blue and green.

Color Designations
D, E, F - colorless 
G, H, I, J - near colorless 
K, L, M - faint yellow or brown 
N, O, P, Q, R - very light yellow or brown 
S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z - light yellow or brown 
A Diamond's clarity is determined when viewed by a trained eye under 10 power magnification. 
Most diamonds contain internally tiny natural birth marks known as inclusions. 
Fewer and smaller inclusions result in increased passage of light. 
This is the essence of a diamond's brilliance and fire. 

Clarity Designations
FL - "Flawless" no inclusions at 10 x magnification 
IF - "Internally Flawless" no inclusions at 10 x mag. - small blemishes 
VVS-1 - "Very Very Small" inclusions hard to see at 10 x magnification 
VVS-2 - "Very Very Small" inclusions. VVS1 better than VVS2 
VS-1 - "Very Small" inclusions visible at 10 x mag. - not naked eye 
VS-2 - "Very Small" inclusions VS1 is better grade than VS2 
SI-1 - "Small" or "Slight" Inclusions or "Imperfections" may be "eye clean" 
SI-2 - "Small" or "Slight" Inclusions or "Imperfections" visible to naked eye 
SI-3 - Inclusions large and obvious, little or no brilliance